Australia is a dream state

Diposkan oleh @Warkop Aremania on 14.6.12

When I still a kid, I never thought that Australia is a country that is very near from Indonesia. Therefore, I think that someday, I'll can be traveling for vacation to the land of kangaroos. But it turned out so far I have not been able to visit Australia, but just look on the internet and television.

Australia is very near in my life because famous by Steve Irwin and Rob Bredle. They are lovers of wildlife from Australia, where they are very famous in Indonesia. Now Steve Irwin has been life in paradise, but his great name still graced the animals planet who very beautiful.

Rob Bredle known as the friend of the Australia giant crocodile. Wherever he goes always never wear sandals. Truly an amazing and unique human nature. Crocodiles and do not wear sandals is the hallmark of this one person.

Dingo, the gold wolf species of Australian typical. These animals are the keepers of the Australian vast forests since millions years ago. But unfortunately many dingo killed by farmers because these animals considered pests of livestock.

Kangaroos. Who are the people in this world who don't know kangaroos. Kangaroo is another name for Australia. Kangaroos are the Australia's largest marsupial. These animals very like to kick people who try to interfere their children.

Sidney Midnight, Foto: Flickr

Plus, Sidney. The big city that shone like gold in the middle of the night. But unfortunately I could not visit all that, but just a dream. But I'm sure that someday I will be traveling to Australia, a land of dreams in the south of Indonesia.
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